General clean-up and trash removal services



On top of providing a truly humane solution for all types of wildlife issues and concerns in the St. Louis and surrounding areas, such as; humane exclusion and eviction of wildlife from structures, wildlife rescues, transportation of sick and injured wildlife to local wildlife rehabilitators, waterfowl and Canada goose issues, and advice for wildlife concerns...

We offer services to proactively PREVENT possible wildlife issues at a structure and address these on the spot. We also address property concerns, ways to attract or repel wildlife to or from areas and many other services.


We have just launched a new service!


General clean-up and trash removal services for local ponds, small lakes, streams, creeks (Areas where water gathers- including overflow and water collection reservoirs too.) parks, grounds or other areas. This service is designed to remove trash and other material from the water bodies, their banks, grounds and other areas to maintain the overall health and appeal to these areas in the short or long-term. One time clean-up, weekly clean-up, monthly clean-up, and seasonal clean-up available.


Trash does not look good! Of course, these services will provide a more aesthetically pleasing environment for the humans which visit these areas... More important, by maintaining these systems, we will be creating a better and healthier environment for wildlife and healthier water for all of us to drink!


If you work at a business, shop at a business, live in an apartment or condo complex, have a pond or lake on your property, attend a school, attend a church, visit a park, or visit an elderly care facility, or any other place with a collection pool, pond, small lake or creek etc... please pass on this information! 



Prices may vary, and are usually based on;

the amount of waste to be removed

how many visits are required

and total area size and condition.


Services are provided by a licensed, insured, and friendly employee of

Humane Wildlife Solutions LLC.


For more information please contact us at 314-567-2060.





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