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 Urban wildlife is essential to the health of our local and overall ecosystems. 

The diversity, health, and existence of our urban wildlife is a benchmark to the overall health of the areas which we live.

Why lethal means don't work

Pest and wildlife control companies want you to believe the only sure way to rid your home of "pests" is to kill them. Some even use scare tactics to convince you injury and disease are imminent if you don't act fast. Not only are these claims untrue, but lethal control isn't even a permanent solution to your issue.

What if the animal is in my yard?

We are able to help you with all your wildlife concerns, including: residential and commercial structures, patios, decks, sheds, outbuildings, barns, and more. If you have trouble with lawn and garden critters, we can also offer advice and/or services to usher them out of your yard, or to learn to live with them.

What about bugs?

Insects and bugs can be troublesome, but usually you can handle these situations on your own without resorting to toxic chemicals. We have listed some ideas for you to try, and if you want extra help, give us a call. We will discuss all your options.

What if I find an injured animal?

Here we have provided local resources for you to determine exactly what you have encountered - injured animal, abandoned animal, adolescent on-the-move, or some other situation. If, after consulting one of these agencies, you need more assistance, we would be happy to help if we can.

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