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Humane Wildlife Solutions LLC seeks to transform the way we address conflicts with urban wildlife in St. Louis City, County, and surrounding areas. If you have uninvited wildlife in your home or business, we provide services to get them out that are truly humane and effective long-term. We will help the animal(s) out of the property and when necessary reunite young with the parent(s), and then wildlife-proof the access point(s) that provided entry for the animal(s) in the first place. We will be equipped to monitor animal activity and problems via digital motion activated cameras, that will provide information about species, access points, and whether young are present. Unlike most companies in the area, we humanely address the root cause of the conflict to prevent the same situation from occurring in the future. Our company uses no poisons, snaring devices, or relocation. For more information see How We Can Help.


In short, we provide long-term solutions without harming wild animals.


Other services we provide include: exclusion, eviction, and other services for bats, Canada Geese and waterfowl conflict management, habitat modification and clean-up, pond and stream clean-up and restoration, advice for wildlife concerns and issues, and more. 

Please contact us for more information on these topics.


Why this is important

Most wildlife control companies advertise they are “Humane.” However, this is often not the case.  Once the animal is removed from the property, it is common practice to kill the animal whose only offense was to cross onto a property, nest in an attic, or dig in a yard.  These do not seem to me, and many other humane-minded people, to be reasons that justify killing a wild animal.  And, most importantly, it does not address the root cause of the conflict. 

Address the issue(s) at hand, not just the animal(s) present.


Wild animals in urban areas see human built structures as part of the natural environment. If they are able to enter a space inside of a house or business they may determine it to be ideal to use as a den or nest site. Because these animals utilize multiple nests and den sites in different locations, they can be evicted and excluded without resorting to relocation or lethal control.  Despite this it is still common practice among “pest-control” companies to destroy wildlife.


Our company adheres to the eviction and exclusion approach the Humane Wildlife Services program of the HSUS advocates as the most humane and effective method of addressing conflicts with urban wildlife.  We have also joined the Humane Wildlife Control Association’s list of operators in the United States. We are one of twenty or so in the United States to do this. These humane methods have been successful in other parts of the country.


Unfortunately, until now there has not been a wildlife control service that offers a comprehensive, and truly humane, solution to wildlife conflicts in St. Louis and the surrounding area.


I have attended training with the Humane Society of the United States in Washington, D.C. I have also trained with

GeesePeace St. Louis and the Wildlife Rescue Center in Ballwin, Missouri.

I am fully licensed, bonded, and insured and abide by all area health and safety codes. 


Since the creation of this business we have had tremendous support from humane minded individuals and companies.  The list of the homeowners, local wildlife rehabilitators, non-profits, schools, businesses, corporations and more which have pledged support and desire to see this company thrive has grown tremendously.  This has truly made me proud to be a part of such a necessary and beneficial goal;

“To provide humane wildlife solutions for all businesses, corporations, residents and other in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and surrounding areas.”



Thank you for considering us, and I hope we can be of assistance to you.



Garry Guinn, founder

Humane Wildlife Solutions LLC




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