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"I wish that there was a 10-star option!
Garry is amazing at responding quickly, and scheduling in a prompt manner. He spends a very thorough amount of time in isolating all issues related to your needs and critter invasions. He considered and insured that my pets would be safe with his suggestions and work...when another person left poisons out that put my pets at risk and incurred a $350 vet bill. Garry is available when you need him to be...via text, phone, email, etc. He guarantees his work as well, so if anything does arise later, he is back to fix it! I will NEVER go elsewhere. Learned the hard way! His honesty, integrity, sensitivity, etc...make him my go to guy for critter/unwanted guests issues! Let's face it....it's not easy to talk about having a rat or mouse invasion! THANK YOU GARRY!!!!"


Kat H.

I’d almost consider Gary Guinn a wildlife detective. His is also the only HUMANE ‘critter control’ company I know of. (Sorry, the other critter controls are full of baloney & nothing caught will have a ‘humane’ demise.)

Gary Guinn will remove wildlife from your home, encourage them to move on (reuniting babies w/parents if need be) & wildlife proof your house WITHOUT killing your uninvited furry house guests!
For our mystery animal sounds in/on the roof, he went around the house twice, up onto the roof & inspected every nook & cranny. He pointed out in detail where animals could or could not get in & how to spot various local animal activity (animal tracks & favorite eat & meet spots on the roof according to acorn patterns, squirrel gnaw marks on the aluminum gutters & even fox prints in the dust on a lower window). He spent a lot of time explaining how things such as power line placement, tree types, local predators, local water/food sources, the house shape & tree proximity to the house creates a mini-ecosystem unique to our property & which aspects of it attract wildlife and why. It was actually very interesting. Very happy with my experience. Gary knows his onions, is passionate about what he does & took great time to educate me as a client. Thank you!


Holly S.

Garry is truely amazing! We had what we thought was 4 baby skunks living under our front porch. Thanks to Garry we found out we had 6, which he safely removed. He also took the time to educate us on the skunks we had, as well as making sure that the babies were old enough to be on their own. He was great, and we will definitely keep his number should we have any other unexpected furry guests. THANKS GARRY!!!!!!!!


Kelly N.

Great exclusion work by our friends at Humane Wildlife Solutions llc! This is how it should be done!


Please add Humane Wildlife Solutions llc to your address book!


Wildlife Rescue Center

This is a great guy - owns his own company and really cares, does things right.



"Garry Guinn with Humane Wildlife Solutions was absolutely fantastic. Our chimney had become a temporary shelter for bats (yikes!) and Garry was able to come out to our home on a Sunday and help solve the issue. He worked to safely remove the bats from the chimney and then repaired and sealed the entry points that the bats were using to get into the home. A larger pest company had offered to come out and seal the entry points; however, they were not going to remove the existing bats, which would have resulted in an even bigger issue for us in the weeks to come when the bats died. Garry's price was extremely reasonable and even less than the other company. However, the best part about using Humane Wildlife Solutions was that Garry took care of the WHOLE issue, not just a piece of the problem. Garry truly cares about protecting our wildlife and he also cares about protecting the homeowner. Thank you Garry!"


Yolanda M.

Garry (aka Mr. Squirrel guy) came and helped me with our squirrel situation! The only company I had found that really understands that the solution is not to kill or relocate the poor squirrel and her babies! He took the time to explain all the humane options and made sure I was comfortable with every step he took. It's so nice to find someone in this field who respects all animals & nature!!


Susan N.

I understand your frustration. Please consider a humane solution first. Garry will be able to help you.


JoEllyn K

PLEASE call Humane Wildlife Solutions. They are the only company that does great work AND truly offers humane solutions to unwanted animals inside homes & businesses


Mare E F.

Huge thank you to Gary at Humane Wildlife Solutions!! A pileated woodpecker was stuck about 30 feet up in my tree, entangled with what was believed to be kite string. Gary was quick to respond, curteous, and was able to safely and humanely get Woody down! It was not an easy job! So happy to know there are people out there that care about and respect wildlife like Gary does! Thank you!!!!!


Missy B.

Humane Wildlife Solutions specializes in humane removal and exclusion. If there are babies, mom will move them if you give her time and incentive. Garry at HWS is very good


Carla D.

Try Garry at Humane Wildlife Solutions. He's very savvy and was recommended to me by the Wildlife Rescue Center in Ballwin.


Amy J.

Garry at Humane Wildlife Solutions did such a fantastic job helping rescue three babybirds stuck in my fireplace. He went above and beyond with finding the best solution without harming them and even took the time to take one malnourished one to the Wild Bird Sanctuary for rehabilitation. I cannot thank him enough for helping me this week on this stressful situation. HIGHLY recommend him!!!


Stacy K.

As a permitted wildlife rehabber."This is the only company I will ever recommend. They are educated, experienced and humane."


Lee Ann T.

I used Garry with Humane Wildlife Solutions. Super nice guy and seems very knowledgeable. Thanks for the info.


Terri T.

Garry at Humane Wildlife Solutions LLC is AWESOME! This is a new company and apparently the only one in MO and I think they are going to have a huge market for offering humane solutions to wildlife issues. We had squirrels build a nest in our roofline and a few years ago they did the same thing and we hired another company to come take care of them. Even these other companies who say they are "humane" aren't really humane. "Humane" can mean a "quick death" (which is what we used and believe me, it was not quick) or they trap them and then drowned them, still considered a humane death. If they relocate the trapped animals they often die because they are relocated to a new area where they are not part of the ecosystem and have no reliable food source or protect. Garry and Humane Wildlife Solutions will do NONE of these things! He truly cares about animals' lives and is very knowledgable about how to deal with them humanely. He was incredibly honest in telling us what he could do vs. what we could do on our own to save money. He was responsive, polite, and professional! We will be calling him for any further needs and I recommend you do too!


Beth P.

I know Garry professionally & personally, & also sometimes work with him on rescues for other rescue organizations. I would and do highly recommend him!


Gina S.

5 out of 5 stars!


Jaime F.

Please call Garry Guinn at Humane Wildlife Solutions (314-567-2060), the only company in St. Louis that "offers a comprehensive, and truly humane, solution to wildlife conflicts," which is in accordance with Humane Society of America guidelines. He's a very nice guy (as you would imagine), whose website (humanewildlifesolutionsllc.com) states that "a comprehensive, long-term guarantee will be offered for all services." (Note that I have no relation to the company or Garry.)


Dan S.

Thanks Garry for saving the baby opossum taking up residence and getting stuck in my residence ? Hope he's recouping well!


Lisa T.

Thanks for what you do!


Jeanna G

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