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Who is Your Visitor?



Even if you have no clue, we can still be of assistance.  But, you may want to try to identify your unwanted visitor, in case there are steps you can take on your own.


The following are photos of a few common urban critters that frustrate homeowners the most.  We have provided plenty of resources for you to learn more. Simply click on the photo. You can also visit the Humane Society of the United States Wild Neighbors website to find out specifics for discouraging, or living with, each animal.


If you have problems with bugs in your home, see our Dealing with Bugs page for suggestions.


If your trouble is critters in the yard and garden, see our What to Do About Yard Animals page.


If you happen to see an animal you think may be injured, sick, or abandoned, please look through our Injured Animals page before taking any action on your own.



the following websites are in no way connected to Humane Wildlife Solutions llc.

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Still not sure who your local wildlife visitor is? 

You can review this information for assistance, or call us (314)-567-2060 for more assistance.


Missouri Department of Conservation

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