"Does wind sound like footsteps?"

We investigate "strange sounds" in the attic of a building.

"You don't have an animal problem, you have a hole in your house!"

A squirrel has chewed an access point in a board along the guttering.

Canada Geese during courtship.

This pair of Canada Geese return year after year to the same location.


This pair of Canada Geese innovate.

We assist with several Canada Geese nests, some nest on rooftops! 



How We Can Help


What do I do about the wildlife in my building?

Wild animals in urban areas utilize many different nests and den sites, and they don’t see a difference between human built and natural sites – if there is an opening in your home, business, school, church, nursing home, hospital, or just about anywhere, the wildlife may find it an attractive area for many activities.  By addressing the root cause of the conflict – the opening in the building – and using eviction techniques, such as one-way doors, and fully understanding the wildlife behavior, animals can be evicted without resorting to lethal control. If you have uninvited wildlife in your home or business, we provide services to get them out that are truly humane and effective long-term. We will help the animal(s) out of the property and when necessary reunite young with the parent(s). We then wildlife-proof the access point(s) that provided entry for the animal(s) in the first place. We will monitor the whole situation via digital motion activated cameras. Unlike other companies in the area, we humanely address the origin of the conflict to prevent the same situation from occurring in the future.


Our company uses no poisons, snaring devices, or even relocation.


We are able to help you with all your wildlife concerns, including residential and commercial structures, patios, decks, sheds, outbuildings, barns, and more. Our company adheres to the eviction and exclusion approach the Humane Wildlife Services program of the Humane Society of the United States advocates as the most humane and effective method of addressing conflicts with urban wildlife. We are also on the Humane Wildlife Control Association’s list of operators in the United States. We are one of twenty or so in the United States to do this. These humane methods have been successful in other parts of the country. Unfortunately, until now, there has not been a wildlife control service that offers a comprehensive, and truly humane, solution to wildlife conflicts in St. Louis and surrounding areas.


What if Canada Geese are on my property? 

-We are able to provide many services to assist you.  We offer unique options to address these concerns.  Please contact us for more information about how we are able to address your concerns regarding Canada Geese and waterfowl conflict management.


What if you have an injured animal in your yard and you would like to find assistance for it? 

-Please click on the injured animal page for the local rehabilitation facility near you for species specific information.


The pond near our home is full of trash and the animals may be suffering.  Sometimes the drain on our water retention pool is obstructed by garbage...  The animals in our lake are sometimes caught in fishing line or other debris...

What can I do?

We can help! Visit our Environmental Services page for more details.  We offer services to address the trash and other debris at these and other water bodies.  This can help these areas look much better and overall is a true benefit the environment.


What We Do


Conflict Assessment (commercial, residential, rural, city and suburbs)

  • Our comprehensive site assessment provides identification of animal(s) that have gotten into the home or are the source of conflict, their associated damage, and all entry points and potential entry points or areas of concern.
  • Written estimates and consultation for the solution to your wildlife conflicts are provided on site.
  • Whether for peace of mind or selling a house or property, residential and commercial comprehensive wildlife-proofing assessments are available as written or PDF reports detailing any wildlife intrusion history or susceptibility to intrusion and remedies.


Conflict Resolution (commercial, residential, rural, city and suburbs)

  • Eviction of wildlife from unwanted areas using species-specific techniques
  • Retrieval of offspring (if present)
  • Reunions of offspring and mothers 
  • Removal of dead animals as needed
  • Resources and advice to prevent future issues


Conflict Prevention (commercial, residential, rural, city and suburbs)

Installation of custom animal-proofing for all entry and potential entry holes, including:

  • Roof sheathing and trim gap
  • Vents: roof, attic, and exhaust
  • Chimneys
  • Decks and porches
  • Sheds 
  • Other structures or areas as needed
  • Resources and advice to prevent future issues

Additional services for wildlife (commercial, residential, rural, city and suburbs)

  • Bat exclusion, eviction, bat box installation and other services

  • Canada Geese and waterfowl conflict management- please call for more information
  • Habitat modification, landscaping, and clean-up
  • Pond, stream other water body clean-up and trash removal and restoration.  For more information please go to our Environmental Services page
  • Wildlife conflict resolution advice and guidance
  • Catio, owl box, chicken coop, and more construction and installation services 
  • Other services as needed 
  • If your situation is not listed here, please contact us for assistance.  We assist/ offer services for a variety of wildlife conflicts, issues, and rescues.  Please contact us for more information on these topics.



Quality and Effectiveness Guaranteed

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and abide by strict health and safety standards.  We employ only the highest humane standards, and all exclusion materials and workmanship are guaranteed against animal re-entry.



Our competitively-priced services vary from job to job, depending on the scope, complexity, and materials required. 

Please contact us for an estimate or to learn more about our services.




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